Guide to get Lyft promo code 2019 for first rider

Wait, get your lyft promo code before you take first ride. As of today, lyft offering promo code for first time lyft user to get discount while taking first ride.

In order to get lyft promo code, what you need to do is 

 1. Download Lyft app 

2. Sign up with your phone number and email

3. Before you take a ride, in promo section, type ” TEST20” to up to $20 OFF. 


Also, note other lyft promo codes 2019 available are ” LET50


How do passengers get a free ride from Lyft promo code

Are you attempting to trail down a suitable Lyft promo code for the month of February 2019?

 After all the well-liked rideshare giant (Lyft) just announced they have agreed over 1 billion rides. 

So, if you are novel to Lyft then there is no healthier time then at the present to cash in your primary ride discount.

Lyft, the giant ride sharing smartphone application that allows you to ask for a ride from a sociable unfamiliar person with a car, is rising larger and larger each and every day. 

If you have an idea about receiving a Lyft, utilize a Lyft promo code to acquire a discount on your initial ride. 

If you have previously utilized a promo code, understand to obtain guidelines for existing users.

Referral coupon credits and cash rewards for existing drivers are based on the selected city where the new passenger is positioned at the point in time the referral coupon is functional, as a substitute of based on the existing driver’s location.


The location will be protected when novel passengers use the coupon to their accounts after either registering with a referral link or physically entering the code into the ‘Promos’ tab of the application. 

You can view cash values for referral rewards in any cities utilizing the ‘Referral Reward Finder’ tool of the Referral Portal.

 Passenger referrals are a fundamental part of increasing the Lyft community.

Each novel passenger can merely have one referral on their account. Below is the process of getting credit for referring novel passengers. 

If a passenger has previously requested you as their driver, it is too delayed for them to enter your code. Only novel passengers can buy back referral codes.

Using the Referral Portal

  1. Sign into the Referral Portal
  2. Enter your code, which should open a fresh tab in your browser
  3. Copy the link (it will start with: “”)
  4. You can post your link to some of your social media channels (such as Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram). Lyft would not admire referrals accessed with paid or unpaid advertisements, which includes Google Adwords, Twitter, Facebook, or several other online advertising platform. You just need to keep in mind that referral bonuses are barely active in selected cities.
  5. When somebody clicks your link, they will be guided through the registration process. You will both be able to acquire any promo codes that pertain.

Sometimes Lyft is offering half-priced or free rides to polling places all over the country on Election Days. 

The ride-hailing giant announced that it is going to bestow 50 percent off promotional codes to partners that support voter turnout. 

 On the day of the election the company announced that it will too offer a product incorporation that will assist voters discover their polling places to formulate it yet easier to transmit their ballot.

 Having Lyft accessible to assist those voters who would be impacted by the closures could positively be a fortunate thing. Lyft is offering 50% off promo codes through organizations like and TurboVote, and for underserved communities, they will offer free rides through their nonprofit associates. 

Ahead of just getting people to the polls, Lyft  is offering ways for people to register to vote and study about voting initiatives that are up for approval on the day of election. 

Voting entrée is a significant subject in making sure that every American’s voice is heard through the vote procedure.

Lyft announced that they would be offering free rides to cancer patients who require transportation to a hospital. 

The Road to Recovery scheme is gradually increasing on Lyft’s pilot program, which has by now been in service for the previous year out of Las Vegas and Miami. 

The service will almost immediately be obtainable in 10 more American cities, which includes Atlanta, Cincinnati, Denver, Houston, Philadelphia, and St. Louis.

If you require transportation to a cancer-related appointment, you can visit the Road To Recovery website to organize a ride. 

Passengers are advised to plan the rides at least a few days in advance in order. Minorities or patients with mobility problems are also obligatory to travel with an adult attendant.

Lyft provides each passenger a custom referral code. 

When a novel rider register in Lyft and utilizes that code, they get to have the benefit of free Lyft credits, and Lyft pays the referring passenger cash for their referral.